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About the Fujifilm Group

The Fujifilm Group's Commitment

Corporate Philosophy

We will use leading-edge, proprietary technologies to provide top-quality products and services that contribute to the advancement of culture, science, technology and industry, as well as improved health and environmental protection in society. Our overarching aim is to help enhance the quality of life of people worldwide.


Anchored by an open, fair and clear corporate culture and with leading-edge, proprietary technologies, Fujifilm is determined to remain a leading company by boldly taking up the challenge of developing new products and creating new value.

Corporate Slogan

Value From Innovation

How We Act

Charter for Corporate Behavior

Based on the following six principles, the Fujifilm Group respects human rights and maintains compliance with as well as respects the spirit of all laws and international rules in its global business activities. Beyond this, we will take proactive action toward the realization of a sustainable society through innovation, while taking into account the impact of our activities.

  1. A Trusted Company
  2. Social Responsibility
  3. Respect for Human Rights
  4. Global Environmental Conservation
  5. Vibrant Workplaces
  6. Management of Various Crises

Code of Conduct

In all aspects of our corporate activities, we emphasize compliance and endeavor to create new value. If compliance requirements conflict with business profits or the demands of third parties, we give priority to compliance. An open, fair, and clear corporate culture is the basis for all our activities.

  • Respect for Human Rights
  • Fair Corporate Activities
  • Protection / Preservation of Corporate Assets and Information
  • Measures Related to Environmental Issues

How We Will Fulfill Our Commitment

CSR Plan

Sustainable Value Plan 2030

With fiscal 2030 as its long-term goal, this plan lays the foundations of the Fujifilm Group's business management strategies for sustainable growth. In this plan, we have set targets in the four priority areas of the environment, health, daily life and work style, as well as in supply chain and governance, the basis of our business activities. These targets serve as guideposts toward our goal of contributing to the realization of a sustainable society through the dual standpoints of resolving social issues through our business activities and considering society and the environment in our business processes.

Medium-Term Management Plan


In April 2021, the Fujifilm Group formulated a specific action plan to accelerate the growth of business mainly in healthcare and advanced materials, aiming to achieve the goals set forth in the Sustainable Value Plan 2030.

Technologies and Business Fields

The Fujifilm Group applies advanced proprietary technologies cultivated through the photographic film business to a wide range of business domains. We also combine these with outside technologies through open innovation as we continue to create new value that will bring about a positive impact in society.

Proprietary Technologies of the Fujifilm Group

Since our founding, we have been accumulating the base technologies to support our business, including organic and inorganic materials chemistry, optical technologies and analytical technologies. Based on these technologies, we have honed our proprietary core technologies, which are central to continuously building up our competitive advantage. By combining these technologies, we provide a wide range of products and services.


SVP2030 and Priority Issues

Under the CSR plan “Sustainable Value Plan 2030 (SVP2030)”, which outlines our long-term vision targeting fiscal 2030, we will use leading-edge, proprietary technologies to provide top-quality products and services. By doing this, we will work to resolve social issues through our business activities and contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.

Sustainable Value Plan 2030

SVP2030 Priority Areas and Priority Issues (Materiality)

Targets are set in four priority areas and in the basis of our business activities via a two-pronged approach: considering society and the environment in our business processes and resolving social issues through our business activities.

SVP 2030

The FUJIFILM Business Innovation Hong Kong Sustainability Report 2022 is designed to be read in conjunction with the FUJIFILM Holdings Integrated Report and its Sustainability Report (“the Group’s reports”).

These Group’s reports present a holistic review of the Fujifilm Group’s management performance and progress towards the achievement of our Sustainable Value Plan 2030 (SVP2030); whereas this report complements the Group’s reports by providing additional information about the action and progress specific to our operation in Hong Kong.

The FUJIFILM Holdings Integrated Report is available at:

The FUJIFILM Holdings Sustainability Report is available at:

SVP2030 Major Targets and Results in FY2021

Priority Area Priority Issues Major Targets for FY2030 Major Activities in FY2021
  • Address climate change.
  • Promote recycling of resources.
  • Address energy issues toward a decarbonized society.
  • Ensure product and chemical safety.
  • Reduce the Fujifilm Group’s CO2 emissions by 50% (compared to the FY2019 level) (achieve net zero CO2 emissions by FY2040).
  • Reduce CO2 emissions across the entire product lifecycle by 50% (compared to the FY2019 levels).
  • Sales percentage of Green Value Products: 60%.
  • Contribute to a reduction in the CO2 emissions generated in society by 90 million tons by FY2030 (accumulated value).
  • Developed new decarbonization targets and strategy (existing decarbonization targets moved forward by 10 years; targets at left are updated targets).
  • Reduced CO2 emissions across the entire product lifecycle by 7.5% (compared to the FY2019 levels).
  • Registered in the CDP Water Security A List for two consecutive years and evaluated CDP Supplier Engagement Leaderboard for four consecutive years.
  • Fulfill unmet medical needs.
  • Improve accessibilities to medical services.
  • Contribute to identifying diseases at an early stage.
  • Contribute to health promotion and beauty.
  • Promote management of a healthy workplace.
  • Develop new treatment solutions/ Improve accessibility to new treatment solutions.
  • Expand and scale up AI & IoT technology to reduce burdens on medical professionals.
  • Promote management of health and productivity to maintain employees’ vitality.
  • Started operation of a new production factory in Europe to raise the production capability for media used in cell culture.
  • Obtained recommendation of Stop TB Partnership that combines a portable X-ray device and DR Cassette as a tuberculosis examination system.
  • Selected under the Asia DX Promotion Program of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry for study into the efficacy of AI-based diagnostic imaging systems in health examination services for developing countries.
Daily Life
  • Contribute to creating a safe and secure society.
  • Contribute to enriching humanity and relationships between people.
  • Aim at 100% preservation of records archived on tapes.
  • Offering opportunities to enjoy photos that give forms to memories.
  • Introduction of high-capacity magnetic tape storage media capable of long-term, safe and low-cost storage of mass data, contributing to drastic reductions in CO2 emissions.
  • Practical application of new noise reduction technology for air conditioners in cooperation with Daikin Industries, Ltd.
  • Launched mirrorless cameras capable of rich color range and smooth 4K/30p video recording.
  • Held online exhibition of the entire collection of works in The Heart to Heart Communication—“PHOTO IS” Photo Exhibition.
Work Style
  • Create environments that lead to motivated workplace (provision of solution services).
  • Develop and utilize diverse human resources.
  • Actions for work style reform for customers.
  • Improve the rate of women in managerial positions.
  • Bought Hoya Digital Solutions to accelerate digital transformation (DX) business.
  • Launched Remote Cabin, a work booth for offices.
  • Introduced DocuWorks Cloud, a new cloud service, to speed up customer DX transformation.
Supply Chain Strengthen CSR foundations across the entire supply chain including factors of the environment, ethics and human rights.
  • Promote sustainable procurement.
  • Resubmitted “Requests to Suppliers” to procurement suppliers in Japan and other countries and collected receipts from 204 companies.
Governance Improve and maintain governance structures by further disseminating an open, fair and clear corporate culture.
  • Improve compliance awareness across the entire global Group and reinforce risk management.
  • Established Regulations on Global Classified Information Management and Regulations on Global Personal Information Management.
  • Conducted employee training programs for fraud prevention, measures against cyberattacks and private data management.

Appraisals and Awards

Credit ratings (As of September 30, 2022)


Note: “ — ” indicates no credit rating available.

In order to grasp the trends and the increasing level of global CSR demands and operate our businesses in an appropriate manner, FUJIFILM Holdings participates in various initiatives.

[The main initiatives FUJIFILM Holdings participates]

  1. SBT Initiative (Science Based Targets Initiative)
  2. RE100
  3. TCFD Consortium (Task Force On Climate-Related Financial Disclosures Consortium)
  4. UN Global Compact (UNGC)

Adoption of socially responsible investment (SRI)

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