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Realizing the vision of Smart Workstyle through a robust partner ecosystem and continuous product innovation

Delivering Business Innovation through Partnerships

Your Business Innovation Partner to Boost Synergy

With a new name, comes a new mission. FUJIFILM Business Innovation Hong Kong Limited was renamed in April 2021 to better reflect our mission and commitment to delivering business innovation.

“Accelerate your business success” is the value that we offer. MFPs serve as a gateway for us to apply our expertise in managing documents, both paper and digital, to enhance efficiency and to make information more accessible.

Dr. David Chung

Dr. David Chung (third left), JP, the then Under Secretary for
Innovation and Technology of Innovation and Technology Bureau; and
Mr. Yasuyuki Matsumoto (third right), the then Managing Director of FUJIFILM Business Innovation Hong Kong and his management team
attended the rebranding ceremony.

visitors enjoyed themselves with our employees

Visitors enjoyed themselves with our employees.

Building a Partner Ecosystem of Success

To realize our new mission, we formed many new partnerships in FY2021 to expand our product offerings and extend our reach to new markets.

The strategic partnership with TriTech Distribution Limited announced in May 2021 demonstrates our commitment to pursue business innovation for Hong Kong businesses of all sizes. With its extensive reach across various end-user segments, including education, logistics and professional services, TriTech will leverage its channel-only model to drive the growth of our printers, MFPs and consumable products in these markets. This partnership also aims to address the needs of businesses who are looking to manage their documents and workflows for better communications with customers and higher operational efficiency. The addition of TriTech to our growing partner ecosystem brings us the opportunity to expand into the local small and medium enterprises (SMEs) market.

Mr. Yasuyuki Matsumoto

Mr. Yasuyuki Matsumoto (third left), the then Managing Director of FUJIFILM Business Innovation Hong Kong; Dr. Charlie Ip (third right), Managing Director of TriTech Distribution; and respective management team attended the partnership signing ceremony.

Meanwhile, we strengthened our partnership with business process automation provider Objectif Lune Asia Pty Ltd to expand our technology offerings in July 2021. Staying at the forefront of the market, its solutions automate business communications by integrating AI and cloud technologies. As the Platinum Reseller of Objectif Lune Asia, we supply, manage and implement its solutions for customers via exclusive tools, resources and support. Being a long-term partner for decades, this extended partnership allows us to support companies in growing their businesses for tomorrow.

Cybersecurity is a top priority for many local businesses to protect their operations and digital transformation. Aiming to empower enterprises with AI-driven cybersecurity operations, we deepened our partnership with IT infrastructure leader Sangfor Technologies (Hong Kong) Limited in November 2021. Under this partnership, we can combine its AI-enabled network detection and response technology with our recognized Managed Services to empower Hong Kong businesses with a security-as-a-service offering. This strategic partnership demonstrates the strong synergy between us. On top of being a Gold Partner of Sangfor, we were also named the HCI Top Case Producer.

Mr. Ringo Yiu

Mr. Ringo Yiu (third left), Regional General Manager (Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan & Singapore) of Sangfor Technologies (Hong Kong) Limited;
Mr. Yasuyuki Matsumoto (third right), the then Managing Director of FUJIFILM Business Innovation Hong Kong; and respective management team attended the partnership signing ceremony.

Mr. Ringo Yiu

(From left to right) Mr. Ringo Yiu, Regional General Manager (Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan & Singapore) of
Sangfor Technologies (Hong Kong) Limited presented the Best Gold Partner award to Mr. Jon Chung, Sales Director of FUJIFILM Business Innovation Hong Kong.

Fostering Smart Workstyle for Customers’ Digital Success

Transforming Workplaces, Processes and Communications

The pandemic has transformed the way we work. While many quickly adopted remote working during the pandemic, the challenge to drive digital success remains, and even intensifies, as we enter the new normal.

With the rise of hybrid workforce, virtual workplaces and automated workflow, digital transformation in the new normal relies on innovation across Workplaces, Processes, and Communications. At FUJIFILM Business Innovation Hong Kong, we call this combination the Smart Workstyle. Aiming to address the unique challenges faced by local businesses in achieving digital success, we offer a suite of technologies and services to help them adopt the Smart Workstyle through transforming where they work, the work processes and how people communicate.

Innovation of Workplaces goes beyond the work location, environment and equipment. It is about enabling seamless collaboration, both physically and virtually. We provide a wide range of tools to improve employee experience, enhance connectivity for remote workers and strengthen an organization’s agility. These products range from printers that enable customization and personalization to remote working solutions, like eSignature and virtual desktop infrastructure.

Many businesses were forced to migrate to remote working during the pandemic, and they soon realized that traditional manually intensive work processes would affect the bottom lines and return on investment (ROI). As such, innovation in Processes goes beyond introducing process automation tools. It helps review the entire business process to identify opportunities to streamline operations and improve information management. By discovering areas where workload can be lightened through automation and outsourcing, businesses can boost their productivity and scalability significantly. Our Human Resources (HR) management solutions and information management tools also enable remote document collaboration and facilitate information search.

Apart from internal enhancements, engagement with external stakeholders needs to be stepped up with smarter Communications. As technology advances and becomes an increasingly important part of our daily lives, the boundaries between online and offline communications are disappearing. Our range of omni-channel technologies and services help local businesses to deliver human-centric communications for a consistent and personalized experience, delivering the right message at the right time via the right channel. The secure omni-channel communications also help maintain customer privacy and protect organizations’ reputation.

The work style choice is increasingly critical for business success. We believe all enterprises deserve the support they need along the digital transformation journey. By taking advantage of the latest technologies, our Smart Workstyle designed for Hong Kong businesses can help them stay competitive in the global marketplace

Smart Workstyle

A landing page was created to promote the concept of Smart Workstyle, covering the latest industry news and technology solutions.

Continuous Innovation to Simplify Security and Transform Collaboration

At FUJIFILM Business Innovation Hong Kong, Smart Workstyle is enabled through five product categories:

  • Document Innovation
  • Information Management
  • Process Automation
  • Zero Trust and Cybersecurity
  • Work Anywhere, Anytime

However, our innovation in Smart Workstyle goes beyond these five categories. In FY2021, we continued to explore and launch new solutions to empower local businesses with smarter choices of work style.

The launch of Security AI in November 2021 marked a significant addition to our Smart Workstyle solutions by combining our established managed services with Sangfor’s AI-enabled network detection and response technologies. Designed to simplify security operations and improve cyber resilience, this subscription-based AI-enabled cybersecurity solution is powered by global threat intelligence with behavior analysis to monitor customers’ internal network traffic. The analysis also corelates with existing security events to provide real-time threat alerts when cybersecurity incident occurs. Security AI is also supported by the FUJIFILM Business Innovation Hong Kong’s Service Operation Center to provide speedy response and remediation.

Security AI
Mr. Stanley Lau

Mr. Stanley Lau (middle, right photo), Head of Corporate Services of Build King Holdings Limited,
joined the Security AI Seminar as a guest speaker to share his insights and experiences on
how enterprises detect and react to the everchanging cybersecurity threats.

Another new and important addition to the Smart Workstyle portfolio is Kintone, an all-in-one workplace platform. Transforming and optimizing teamwork, Kintone consolidates data from varied sources - paper or digital - and allows business users to create and customize apps, with no coding skills required. Recognized by Gartner and Forrester as the top low-code application platform, Kintone empowers information workers with strong business knowhow to build apps and customize workflow to match each organization’s unique environment and culture. It offers a library of 1,000+ ready-made app templates to support all kinds of business functions, from sales, customer support and marketing to business operations and workforce management. The centralized dashboard and flexible communication platform allow information workers to freely share data and offer live and inline commenting, turning business communications into seamless collaboration.

Security AI

A promotional video for Security AI was produced and starred by our staff.

The Best Business Innovation Partner

We were awarded “The Best Business Innovation Partner” with Security AI at the annual award hosted by local media, e-zone.

Transforming Colors and Creativity with Revoria

Inspiring Creativity with Colors and Energy

Determined to renew and refine our printing business, we introduced the new brand Revoria in July 2021. Under this new brand, we deliver a suite of production printing solutions that cover production printers, associated print servers and print workflow software.

Meanwhile, we introduced two revolutionary printer models: Revoria Press PC1120, a high-end production color printer, and Revoria Press E1 Series, a monochrome production printer. Revoria Press PC1120 can help printing companies expand their businesses with vibrant colors and higher productivity. Equipped with a single-pass six-color print engine, it offers more special toners on top of the basic CMYK toners, including gold, silver, clear, white and neon pink. These toners enable high-value, high-quality printing such as metallic colors and natural skin textures. Printing at a high speed of 120 pages per minute, it can deliver high-resolution prints of 2,400 dpi. Taking monochrome applications to the next level, Revoria Press E1 Series delivers excellent image quality and high-speed printing. Supported by the Air Suction Feeder, it enables high-speed and stable output for a wide variety of paper types. It can print at a high speed of 136 pages per minute and deliver high-resolution prints of 2,400 dpi.

Revoria Logo
Revoria Press PC1120

Revoria Press PC1120

Revoria Press E1136

Revoria Press E1136

RE:ON Light Revisits Hong Kong’s Neon Light Street Scenes and Revives Local Creativity

Celebrating Hong Kong’s stunning neon light street scenes from the 1980s and showcasing the vivid color delivered by Revoria Press PC1120, we organized the RE:ON Light event that featured exhibitions and cultural seminars, inviting the public to embark on a journey down Hong Kong’s dazzling memory lane from a new perspective.

Joining hands with renowned British photographer Mr. Keith Macgregor, we organized the “Neon Fantasies” exhibition, showcasing photographs printed by the new Revoria Press PC1120 digital printing system. The perfect interpretation of colors precisely delivered the symphony of shimmering neon lights in Hong Kong through Macgregor’s lens. The exhibition also showcased the work of photographer Pascal Greco using Fujifilm Instax and other instant cameras, revealing his passion for Hong Kong’s neon light heritage.

To explore the latest developments in printing technologies and inspire local artists with vivid colors, we organized the “Creative Industry and the Art of Printing: Transformation and Inheritance” cultural seminar, which also featured a pop-up exhibition curated by Mr. Ken Fung and Mr. Keith Mak, architects at streetsignhk, using upcycled neon signs.


Installation made of upcycled neon signs by streetsignhk, a local conservation group who aims to preserve Hong Kong’s disappearing signboards

British photographer Keith Macgregor

A visitor enjoyed the moments captured by renowned British photographer Mr. Keith Macgregor, which the shimmering neon lights on photographs
were printed by the new Revoria Press PC1120 digital printing system.

The Transformation and Interstage of the Creative Industry and Printing Techniques

The panel discussion “The Transformation and Interstage of the Creative Industry and Printing Techniques” was moderated by Mr. Victor Tsang,
Head of CreateHK of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR).

A showcase of different commercial applications

A showcase of different commercial applications with a wide range
of paperweights and printing substrates used, supported by
Fujifilm’s innovative printing technologies.

print-on-demand activity

Visitors participated in the print-on-demand activity to create
their own personalized postcards onsite.

The Asian Print Awards 2020 was held concurrently to recognize outstanding printing houses in Hong Kong, and the awardees included Hung Hing Printing, Ideastore Limited and Green Production (Overseas) Group.

Nurturing Next-generation Artists and Designers

We organized a graphic design competition as part of the RE:ON Light series to support local artists and inspire their creativity. In collaboration with Hong Kong Design Institute and The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, the competition invited students to showcase the city’s bustling energy and vibrant colors through its dazzling street light scenes. All entries were printed with the Revoria Press PC1120 digital printing system, and one winner and five finalists were selected by a panel of six judges based on their originality, creativity and use of colors.


Artwork of the Grand Prize winner,
Miss Chui Ying Kwok from Hong Kong Design Institute, named “Once in a Blue Moon”.


Artwork of the People’s Choice Award winner,
Miss Yuen Ying Choi from Hong Kong Design Institute, named “Inverted City”.

Besides, we presented workshops to provide continuous training for working designers. Our annual workshops with Advanced Printing Technology Center shared the latest printing technologies with designers, artists and publishers, helping them create more stunning pieces.


Students from the Hong Kong Design Institute participated in the workshop on basic printing and design organized by FUJIFILM Business Innovation Hong Kong. They also explored the latest printing technology and its applications on different printing substrates.

Commitment to 100% Service Excellence

In addition to our leading technologies and business solutions, services form another important pillar of our offerings that is driven by customer satisfaction.

Adhering to our unique “3R+V” Customer First Strategy, we ensure that our products, solutions and services meet the ever-evolving needs of our customers. Specifically, we are committed to maintaining a high level of “Reliability” and “Responsiveness” and building “Relationships” to create “Value” for our customers. From pre-sales consultation and project implementation to device maintenance, our business operations are guided by our Service Pledge which focuses on helping customers accelerate their business growth and achieving excellent satisfaction level.

With our Service Pledge in mind, we recorded the following achievements:

Our CommitmentFY2021 Achievement
4-hour onsite recovery assurance2.41 hours – the fastest onsite resolution pledge by any document management vendors in the market
2-hour onsite response time1.48 hours – surpassed our commitment and faster response means more attentive service
99.5% average uptime99.5% average uptime – enabling high availability

In addition to overachieving our Service Pledge, we are 100% dedicated to the Total Satisfaction Guarantee (TSG), another FUJIFILM Business Innovation’s exclusive. TSG allows customers to replace any device with an identical model, or a machine with comparable features and capabilities at no charge. More than a promise, TSG is usually valid for three to five years or during the financing contract period starting from the delivery of a new device. With full confidence in the reliability of our products, we even include TSG in every agreement.

We are pleased to see that our commitment to quality management and customer satisfaction has not only maintained our business success, but has also ensured that we can continue to accelerate growth for our customers through innovation and partnerships.