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Creating and Utilizing Knowledge for Innovative Communication Work Styles

As a trusted ICT partner, Fuji Xerox (Hong Kong) is committed to providing leading document services and communication solutions, products and services for business of all sizes.

Material Issues Addressed by Fuji Xerox (Hong Kong)

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Decent Work and Economic Growth
  • Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
  • Information Security
  • Responsible Consumption and Production
  • Sustainable Procurement
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Product Safety

Empowering Organizations with Innovation

Shaping the Ideal Printing Environment for SMEs

In April 2019, Fuji Xerox (Hong Kong) launched the new monochrome printers – DocuPrint 4405 series and DocuPrint 375 series, aiming to create an ideal printing environment for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Designed to be connected to two separate networks, the DocuPrint 4405 series enables secure communication within the workplace. This is the first Fuji Xerox printer series that is compatible with the Authentication Adapter with Touch Panel. With a server-free authentication adaptor, it allows print authentication using Integrated Circuit (IC) cards and thereby prevents information leakage. Meanwhile, the DocuPrint 375 series has a Carbon Copy mode that offers the convenience of printing the same document onto different media types in a single print job. It also allows users to save up to 48 preferred settings as Shortcuts to reduce time and boost productivity.


DocuPrint 4405 d A3 Monochrome Printer


DocuPrint M375 z A4 Monochrome Multi-function Printer

In May 2019, we announced another cost-effective office solution for SMEs – DocuCentre-V C2263 low-end A3 office color multi-function printer and DocuCentre-VII C2273 “Smart Platform”. The DocuCentre-V C2263 has advanced functions compatible with high-end model. With its compact design that fits in anywhere, it can be actively utilized in various business scenes. On the other hand, DocuCentre-VII C2273 focuses on user experience through accelerating business evolution and removing technological barriers to allow customers greater flexibility in the workplace.


DocuCentre-V C2263 Entry Level A3 Color Multi-function Printer


DocuCentre-VII C2273 A3 Color Multi-function Printer

In June 2019, we introduced the new A3 color printer DocuPrint C5155 d to serve the printing need of postcard and office print-on-demand with improved print speed. With the quality printing capabilities of its predecessor DocuPrint C5005 d, this robust and reliable new model can print pictures and postcards for special occasion in photo printing shops and support office on-demand printing using different media. The printer can handle various types of papers, including heavy business card papers and long papers for banners and posters.


DocuPrint C5155 d High-speed A3 Color Laser Printer

Delivering Professional Prints with Proven Technology

Fuji Xerox (Hong Kong) released a new high-speed multi-function printer – ApeosPort®-VII C7788 series designed for professional use in November 2019. Featuring high image quality, durability, enhanced usability and improved productivity from start to finish, the series can meet high-volume printing needs of architecture and engineering companies, construction agencies, financial institutions and law firms. It also provides a secure environment in the office through its enhanced security features, such as hard disk encryption, authentication options and communication channel encryption. To support our customers’ digital transformation, the series displays the proven scanning capability that allows bulk documents to be scanned at high speed to support intelligent capturing and process automation. By further integrating with Robotic Process Automation, it can assist in automating repetitive and tedious manual tasks.


ApeosPort®-VII C7788 Color Multi-function A3 Printer

Realizing High-value Creative Printing with LED UV Technology

Fuji Xerox (Hong Kong) introduced the Fujifilm Acuity LED 1600 II series, a light-emitting diode (LED) ultraviolet (UV) hybrid inkjet printer for multiple printing purposes, in December 2019. Designed for commercial printing houses and delivering exceptional output, the series leverages Fujifilm’s distinctive ink and printhead technology to introduce instant and low-energy UV technology, long-life industrial printheads, high definition and accurate print colors, high opacity white ink printing and more, presenting exceptional print results in an environmentally friendly way. Equipped with the LED curing lamps and instant curing UV technology, the series has a roll printing speed of up to 355 square feet per hour. In addition, the use of fast-dry ink shortens the waiting time before proceeding to the next stage of spot vanishing and other special effects. Clear ink is also ideal for printing window stickers, creating tremendous value for customers. Moreover, it features Fujifilm’s Dimatix printheads, widely known for their longevity and durability, to deliver high definition prints with high color accuracy at high speed.


Fujifilm Acuity LED 1600 II Series LED UV Hybrid Inkjet Printer

Keeping in Pace with the Market by Streamlining Business Processes

Business Process Management (BPM) refers to the improvement and automation of business processes in line with corporate goals. As an experienced service provider, Fuji Xerox (Hong Kong) understands the importance of integrating BPM into business operations for the overall operational efficiency.

As such integration is an indispensable part for digital transformation, our BPM solutions enhance the collaboration between departments and hence the work efficiency through establishing a common communication channel between information technology (IT) and operations, allowing colleagues with different skill sets and perspectives to collaborate based on a single model. These platforms can further facilitate the analysis, design and implementation of business processes, improving managers’ ability to improve overall performance and allowing corporate decision-makers to respond to business opportunities and challenges swiftly. The platforms can also help individual service components work more closely to deliver a better customer experience.

Since BPM can help managers identify productivity issues, redundancies can be eliminated, and manual tasks can be automated to minimize human error. It also dovetails with process improvement methodologies such as Lean Six Sigma to achieve more significant improvements.


Benefits of Business Process Management (BPM)

Empowering Bulletproof Business Against Interruptions

Fuji Xerox (Hong Kong) realizes business interruption is the primary and commonly recognized risk for all businesses. Thus, we provide business continuity services to help customers minimize downtime and potential long-tern losses through the following tools:

  1. Powerful Electronic Document Management System (EDMS): EDMS empowers companies to manage a huge volume of documents. Businesses struggling with paperwork can use it to search, retrieve and share documents. The system leverages the flexibility, scalability and cost efficiency of cloud technology to allow authorized users to access documents while on the go. Strict user authentication and access controls also meet customers’ need for document security.
  2. SSL Virtual Private Network (VPN) Solution: VPN solutions use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption and two-factor authentication to secure remote connections without the need for a specialized software. The users can thus access client-server apps and internal network directories from any authorized device without worrying of becoming a data breach statistic.
  3. Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI): VDIs allow the workforce to remotely access emails, calendars and other essential data, enhancing their overall mobility and productivity. IT managers, on the other hand, benefit from easily deployed and well supported applications, avoiding the high costs of upgrades and realizing effortless scaling as business needs evolve.
  4. Virtual Meeting Tools: Customers can use these tools to set up or join online meetings, deliver presentations, share files and collaborate over the virtual meeting platform as easily as if they were face-to-face.

Business Continuity Plan – 4 Main Tools

Embracing New Challenges through Customer Engagement Events

As we strive to support customers to embrace digital transformation via our cutting-edge products, solutions and services, we have been offering platforms and opportunities to companies to experience the latest technologies and accelerate their business transformation journeys.

SMART Business Solution Day 2019 – Digital and Business Transformation

In the era of digital and business transformation, technology applications form an important part of a business strategy. To keep businesses abreast of the latest technology, we organized the annual SMART Business Solution Day 2019 at InnoCentre on 16 July 2019 and introduced the first Enterprise Document Management System “SmartShare Enterprise” that incorporates robotic process automation (RPA) technology in Hong Kong. It was developed under the close cooperation between Fuji Xerox (Hong Kong) and ParaDM Co., Ltd. We believe the system will empower offices with next-generation automated content management to holistically handle most of the corporate documents, from collection and compilation to storage, sharing and collaboration, while complying with data security regulations.

Another new partnership announcement was made during the event – the introduction of the intuitive cloud-based service “Esker on Demand”. It is designed to overcome the challenges of accounting processes that consume much manpower and resources by simplifying document process automation, eliminating the need to set up a corporate platform and reducing IT costs. To enhance the user experience of multi-function printers commonly used in the office as well as professional production printing systems, Fuji Xerox has further streamlined business processes and incorporated innovation into existing product lines, including ApeosPort-VII and DocuCentre-VII multi-function printers that can now connect to up to seven cloud services and are equipped with automatic optical character recognition. Other features include a 10.1” color touchscreen and support for users to connect a smart device via near field communication (NFC) for printing, photocopying, scanning and faxing. In addition, the support tools Electronic Partnership (EP-BB) and Remote Device Health Check (RDHC) allow Fuji Xerox to remotely monitor consumables and system conditions and clear faults in real time for less downtime. The upgraded Trusted Platform Module also enhances password storage on encrypted hard drives for complete data security.

Besides, we announced that the automation feature of the VersantTM 180 Press can now be found at Fuji Xerox’s widely acclaimed “Mahogany Variable Data Printing Solution”. It represents a significant improvement over the old Triplicate Carbonless Form document management method. This system is an important component of an automatic digital management platform and is supplemented by mobile applications, enhancing logistics efficiency throughout the supply chain.


The SMART Business Solution Day 2019 attracted many visitors who were looking for the latest innovations and technologies.


Visitors were inspired by the expert’s sharing on RPA technology.

Driving Digital Transformation with Customers

To maintain a leading position in a highly competitive market, many companies have started to harness digital transformation solutions to capture new growth opportunities. A pioneer in adopting advanced productivity-enhancing technologies, globally renowned garment manufacturer Crystal International Group Limited recently deployed the RPA solution jointly supplied by Fuji Xerox (Hong Kong) and UniPath Limited. With the help of software robots, all daily routines and manual tasks, such as processing orders, delivery notes and invoices, are centralized and standardized to simplify business processes, save resources and minimize the chance of human errors. As the RPA solution processes most of the repetitive and routine tasks, the company could be less reliant on manual operation and unleash the potential of its workforce, lowering the production costs and allocating more resources to talent development.

RPA also optimizes the document review process of the organization. Many companies process their documents manually, but the volume – in terms of both the quantity and types of documents – is simply too much for an audit team with limited manpower. The disadvantages of this traditional approach are lower efficiency and heavy reliance on human resources. Today, Crystal uses the RPA solution to help the audit team to review all documents easily, and then systematically store and classify the reviewed documents.


As a multinational company with production lines across Asia, Crystal faces different challenges in its business operations.


Fuji Xerox (Hong Kong) has been providing one-stop professional advice and follow-up services to ensure smooth system operation during the deployment of the RPA solution.

Creating Values based on Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is always one of the driving forces that motivating Fuji Xerox (Hong Kong) to ensure our products, solutions and services meet customers’ ever-increasing demands. We have been consistently working towards a unique “3R+V” Customer First Strategy. All employees should move forward. We insist that all employees maintain a high-level of “Reliability” and “Responsiveness” and work on establishing “Relationships” when creating “Value” for customers. From pre-sales consultation to project implementation, the entire business execution process we run under our defined Service Pledge is focused on delivering outstanding satisfaction levels that ensure our customers can accelerate their business development.

Keeping our Service Pledge in mind, we are pleased to announce our achievements in FY2019 as below:

  • Service recovery in 4 hours* reached at average 99.94% uptime assurance
  • Availability of 7x24 EP-BB and Online Support Service reached at 99.9%
  • Exclusive Total Satisfaction Guarantee** pledge reached at 100%

* Customer offices along Mass Transit Railway (MTR) city routes
** Offer full confidence to our customers with most of our products