FUJIFILM Business Innovation
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Company Profile

FUJIFILM Business Innovation Hong Kong Limited (previously Fuji Xerox (Hong Kong) Limited) is your trusted Business Innovation Partner. Pioneering an impressive array of groundbreaking technologies since our establishment in 1964, we have been fostering creativity through effective use of information and knowledge. With over 800 employees* in Hong Kong, our scope of business covers sale of world-class MFP, production printers and information technology (IT) solutions, as well as business outsourcing services. Committed to enhancing our customers’ productivity and competitiveness and addressing their business challenges, we offer solutions and services empowered by our AI and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies that manifest our unique value proposition.

* Figure excludes certain external contractors performing logistic management tasks in our Logistics and Warehouse division.

From Business Innovation Suites to Smart Workstyle

We endeavor to create value through our business innovation suites for Workplace, Process and Communication that address various needs and to support value creation by our customers and stakeholders.

The pandemic has changed the world in many aspects. Lockdowns, working from home and virtual meetings have transformed the way we work. In order to thrive in this new digital world, it is essential for our customers to stay ahead of the game by embracing the new “Smart Workstyle” to stay connected and flexible. More on Smart Workstyle will be discussed in the “Economic” section along with our other economic impacts.

Smart Workstyle
Striving for Excellence

We strive to excel in every aspect. We were honored to receive over 20 recognitions in FY2021 from leading local and regional organizations. These accolades underlined our commitment to upholding the highest standard in every process, product, solution or service.

Hong Kong Sustainability Award

^ Since the company name changed on 1 April 2021, some recognitions and awards remain to be presented under the name of Fuji Xerox (Hong Kong) Limited.

These achievements are in accord with our “NEVER STOP” campaign that aims at raising awareness of Fujifilm’s commitment to sustained corporate growth and to “never stop” building on our innovations and expertise as well as pursuing sustainability. Such determination earned us the Gold Sectoral Award at the Hong Kong Awards for Environmental Excellence in 2011, Hong Kong Sustainability Award from Hong Kong Management Association (HKMA) in 2017 and hundreds of honors in the ESG areas. For details, please refer to the “Awards” section on our company website www.fujifilm.com/fbhk.