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Diversifying Work Styles for Corporate Strengths

Fuji Xerox (Hong Kong)’s engaged workforce aspiring toward value creation and social contribution drives its sustained growth.

Material Issues Addressed by Fuji Xerox (Hong Kong)

  • Decent Work and Economic Growth
  • Environmental Education
  • Employee Satisfaction
  • Gender Equality
  • Manpower Development
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions
  • Reduced Inequalities
  • Volunteering

Employee Engagement and Satisfaction

Fuji Xerox (Hong Kong) was honored to receive the Employer of Choice Award 2019 and Workplace Culture Change Award from JobMarket, recognizing our achievements in implementing remarkable talent management strategies, providing a delightful and supportive workplace and undertaking a successful change program, resulting in significant improvements to the business.


We have created a better work environment by prioritizing health and safety. In FY2019, we signed the Joyful@ Healthy Workplace Charter jointly initiated by the Department of Health, the Labour Department and the Occupational Safety and Health Council (OSHC).

We have also promoted physical and mental well-being among our employees through a series of activities. In October 2019, we organized a Body Check and Physical Activity Workshop and invited a professional coach from OSHC to help exam the physical fitness of our employees by measuring their grip strength, Body Mass Index (BMI) and blood pressure. The coach also demonstrated the correct posture of stretching exercises to prevent occupational musculoskeletal disorders caused by prolonged sitting. In the same month, we also held the Asia Employee Wellbeing Week to encourage our colleagues to take care of their mental and physical health. The week started sponsorship of sports and cultural activities, and then different vendors were invited to share healthy snacks and supplements with our colleagues. In addition, a Shoulder and Neck Massage Workshop was held during the month to help participants relieve stress and pain.


Our employees joined the Body Check and Physical Activity Workshop.


Colleagues were happy to receiving healthy supplements.

In light of the outbreak of COVID-19 in early 2020, occupational health and safety have been our top priorities. Therefore, we implemented the company-wide work from home policy soon after the Chinese New Year. When the office reopened in mid-February, office employees were allowed to work on three shifts from 8 am to 7 pm with a one-hour flexible lunch break from noon to 3 pm. Since the supply of surgical face masks was very tight, we procured masks through our headquarters in Japan and distributed them to our staff, who were required to wear a mask in the office to protect each other. Furthermore, other hygiene measures were taken, such as frequent cleaning of door handles and high-risk areas using diluted bleach, providing sanitizing hand rub for meeting room users and taking the temperature of everyone daily before entering the office.

Besides, we organized the Fabric Mask Do It Yourself (DIY) Workshop in the first quarter of FY2020 since we believed that this important skill would keep our people and their families safe and healthy during the challenging times.


Some sample fabric masks to be made by the participants of the Fabric Mask DIY Workshop.

Despite all kinds of social and business challenges, it is important that we maintain an interesting workplace. With this in mind, we celebrated traditional Chinese festivals with the colleagues, such as sharing rice dumpling at Dragon Boat Festival, distributing mini mooncakes at Mid-Autumn Festival and enjoying New Year puddings at Chinese New Year. Besides, a Chinese New Year Bazaar featuring a wide selection of snacks and festive food items at discounted prices was held in our head office on 17 January 2020 for colleagues to shop during office hours.


The festive bazaar filled the office with the joyous mood of Chinese New Year.

Employees’ opinions and job satisfaction are highly valued at Fuji Xerox (Hong Kong). To gauge the level of employee satisfaction, we conducted the anonymous Employee Engagement Survey annually to collect their views and developed a roadmap accordingly to achieve higher levels of performance and employee satisfaction. In FY2019, we continued to employ the survey administered by the Korn Ferry Hay Group and recorded a high response rate of 99%, 6% higher than those of other Fuji Xerox companies in Asia Pacific.

Apart from the anonymous survey, we listen to the opinions of our colleagues for continuous improvement and take comments as a motivation to continue our best practices and improvement.

Fuji Xerox (Hong Kong) has organized various volunteer activities over the years. The company actively promoted environmental management in daily operation and through eco-friendly initiatives to fulfill its goal in sustainable development. I am proud to be a member of this company, whose remarkable contributions toward the community and environment are for all to see.
Annie Wan
Cooky Yu
Customer Training Officer
I have participated in different volunteer activities and workshops since joining Fuji Xerox (Hong Kong) 13 years ago. These meaningful CSR activities allowed me and my family to contribute to the society. These also helped us understand more about sustainable development and its importance.
Through participating in various volunteer activities, I discovered my passion for volunteer service. We can not only offer a helping hand to those in need, but also learn more about sustainable development and tips to become more environmentally friendly.
Fiona Au Yeung
Senior Operations Support Executive
Pinky Ng
Senior Officer
I am happy to see that our company attaches high importance to work-life balance. We are encouraged to join volunteer activities during non-office hours so as to create shared values and help others.

Learning and Development

While our employees recorded over 25,000 learning hours in FY2019, we believe that training is one-size-fits-all operation since personality and behavioral pattern are both fundamental to how a person perceives a training. Therefore, our Learning & Development team adopted the DISC assessment, a widely recognized behavior assessment tool based on the DISC theory of psychologist William Moulton Marston. It focuses on four different personality traits, namely Dominance (D), Influence (I), Steadiness (S) and Conscientiousness (C). In the program, our employees would undergo an interactive DISC analysis and attend a workshop on how to interact with people in light of the different personalities and behavioral styles of different people. It showed that the four popular behavioral styles can be seen among our employees, and the data collected from the workshop will further be used for coming training.

Our employees enjoyed the interactive DISC Assessment Workshop.

As the industry leader in ICT document consultancy, we strive to empower the next generation to drive and sustain digital transformation. In FY2019, we recruited nine young talents as Business Analyst Trainees. Throughout the one-year trainee period, they would go through a comprehensive development program under the ICT stream or Business stream, according to their background. The program consists of ICT and management training, job rotation opportunities, as well as action learning by joining company-wide digital transformation project taskforces.

Business Analyst Trainees demonstrated their passion and professionalism in various activities.

Besides, we extended our impact to the society, and through the Employee Retraining Board, we organized career seminars for secondary schools, highlighting the trend of digital transformation and development opportunities of the ICT industry. We would like to nurture youngsters’ interest in ICT, develop more digital talent and support Hong Kong to stay ahead in the digital era.


Thank you flag from Fanling Lutheran Secondary School

Community Engagement

Adhering to the Sustainable Value Plan 2030, we continued to protect the environment and support social infrastructure benefiting people’s lives. We were honored to be recognized by the Federation of Hong Kong Industries under its “Industry Cares Recognition Scheme” for the third consecutive year. In 2019, we also received the Outstanding Caring Award - Enterprise Group and The Best CSV Award - Enterprise Group which endorsed our hard work in fulfilling our corporate social responsibility.

In FY2019, over 300 of our volunteers served for over 1,500 hours, and we highly appreciated their enthusiastic responses and kindness. On 7 December 2019, we joined the “2019 Creating a Magical Moment to Children in Need” organized by Worldwide Executive Centre. Our volunteers helped packing the cookies and shared their love with the children in need.


Dressed as Santa Claus, our volunteers wished that the children would enjoy the cookies.

In January 2020, we supported the “Lucky Money Wishes 2020” program organized by Children’s Heart Foundation by designing and printing red packets and other promotional materials. We also promoted this event internally by encouraging colleagues to donate red packets to children with congenital heart diseases.


Fuji Xerox (Hong Kong) designed poster for the “Lucky Money Wishes 2020” program.

Though many social contribution activities organized by our partnering non-governmental organizations (NGOs) were delayed and/or cancelled, we continued to host our yearly Volunteer Network Gathering on 20 September 2019. Working together, the 30 volunteers participating in the gathering prepared some handknit scarves for the needy during the winter.

Volunteers were happy with their scarves and wished to share the warmth with those in need.

On the other hand, we value the natural environment as we pursue sustainable development.

On 13 April 2019, we supported the “Walk for Living Water 2019” organized by Amity Foundation, Hong Kong. As an activity under the Climate Ready @Hong Kong campaign, the walk aimed at helping water-deprived communities in rural China and raising volunteers’ awareness of water conservation.


Our volunteers enjoyed the challenge and carnival at the “Walk for Living Water 2019”.

On 10 August 2019, over 80 volunteers joined the Ocean Park Conservation Foundation Hong Kong Flag Day to support the scientific projects and education programs. The meaningful flag stickers also helped raise public awareness of the importance to establish “green” habits.


Over 80 volunteers joined the Ocean Park Conservation Foundation Hong Kong Flag Day to support the scientific projects and education programs.

On 18 January 2020, our volunteers and their families and friends participated in the Shoreline Cleanup Operation 2020 at the Rocky Bay Beach, and successfully removed 100 kg of rubbish on the beach.


Around 100 kg of rubbish was collected at Rocky Bay Beach by our volunteers during the Shoreline Clean-up Operation 2020.

Apart from the above-mentioned activities, we engaged in a wide range of community activities, such as blood donation, second-hand book sorting and walkathon challenge. Looking forward, we will continue to seize every opportunity to contribute to our community and environment for building a sustainable future.